UnHackMe Key Free 2019

UnHackMe is a very powerful security software, works in parallel and adds scanning capabilities, detects Rootkits, trojans, viruses …. for antivirus software you are installing on your computer. UnHackMe allows you to delete Google Search redirects, rootkits, trojans, backdoors, viruses, adware, spyware, keyloggers, unwanted programs, etc. Please download the free UnHackMe Key  below to use immediately.

UnHackMe Key Free 2019

UnHackMe 10.10 Key Free

Step 1 : you download UnHackMe 10.10 by click here

Step 2 : proceed to install. After installation is complete, activate the license with the key below.


Promotion conditions:

  • Only for personal and household use. Not for commercial use.
  • Only applicable for version 10.10 according to the link above.
  • No upgrade support.

The dangerous file types that UnHackMe supports detect and remove

  • Search redirecting.
  • Popup ads.
  • Potentially unwanted programs (PUPs).
  • Unwanted processes.
  • Slow browsing.
  • Rootkits.
  • Trojans.
  • Spyware.
  • Keyloggers, etc.

Main features of the software

  • Scan installed programs for “Potentially unwanted programs” (PUPs)
  • Check junk files, created by PUP, adware and spyware
  • Scan Windows programs, services, and drivers for boot.
  • Check Windows shortcuts.
  • Scan for rootkits.
  • Check your browser’s search settings.
  • Scan browser utilities.
  • Check server file and DNS settings.
  • Check boot files using some antivirus programs on Virustotal.com.

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UnHackMe Key Free 2019
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